Southern NYC Lunch Tour

Tuesday, November 28, 2006

Day 19
Captain's Ketch
181 Pearl St.
Nov. 28, 2006

Calling it "Captain's Kitsch" is too easy; low-hanging fruit, to use a kitschy phrase. But that's exactly how it felt inside - high-end, upscale kitschy fun. It's supposed to look like the ultramodern lower deck of a state-of-the-art ship. Lowish ceilings from which wine glasses hung like bats. No ropes (so declasse!) but rather sets of square water-filled indoor partition windows filled with blue vertical neon and small rising bubbles. The lower half of the windows revealing the street were frosted glass waves, so that street level didn't exist, only the sky and buildings across the street. Interesting. A peek further inside revealed a substantial dining area, with what looked like a downstairs area as well.

It's definitely a restaurant as opposed to a take-out place. The bar has a room all to itself, and at lunch hour it has a decent smattering of drunken salty dogs, wall-street style. I decided to order the panini special - chicken breast with sauteed spinach and monterey jack cheese - to go. My five minutes wait at the bar was mildly entertaining; I imagined knocking back a few and randomly chiming in on various salty dog exchanges, parrot-style. Maybe one day, when working is purely optional.

The Pannini special came in at just over $10.00, my lunch tour limit, but was well worth it. Captain's Ketch would be actually be fun for an evening too festive to remember.


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