Southern NYC Lunch Tour

Tuesday, October 31, 2006

Day 9
Blarney Stone Restaurant
121 Fulton St
Oct. 31, 2006

balmy all hallows eve drifting down fulton street look its an irish pub two guys on the left as you walk in frying various meats on a flame grill right before your eyes give them your order turkey burger swiss cheese deluxe please toast the roll on your left on the right a long bar center of room sits two 10 foot long oblong octagonal tables chairs a few square tables along the side opposite the bar pool tables in back and it smells like flamegrill there's another room mini function hall 10 or 15 long function hall tables with square chairs back to main room burgers ready 5.25 no tax give the guy a five and a quarter done out the door down to the pier burgers great fries though soggy from the trip still hot and excellent as balmy halloween afternoon melts into ketchup


  • i like the james joycean / e e cummings style of this blog post great job so far leon i appreciate all the insights humor and original writing that certainly brightens the workday

    By Anonymous felix, at 1:32 PM  

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