Southern NYC Lunch Tour

Wednesday, November 08, 2006

Day 12
36 Water St.
Nov. 6, 2006

complimentary salsa and chips for people on line
complimentary salsa and chips for people on line is tasty and nutritious
route 66 burrito: excellent
crowd still manageable at 12:20pm
decor cheesification not particularly obnoxious
orders were neither yelled nor broadcasted at high volumes

took awhile for food to actually appear
under more crowded conditions, impossible to imagine that the line of people waiting to order and the crowd of people hovering by the pickout area* would leave any room for effective access to the complimentary salsa and chips station
according to various sources, crowded conditions exist after about 12:30pm

recommendation: a good choice if slightly early timeframe feasible

*Pickout area: the area where food is picked up and possibly taken out, a system pioneered and popularized by Starbucks and Taco Bell in the 1990s.


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