Southern NYC Lunch Tour

Thursday, October 12, 2006

Day 2
8 Maiden Lane
Oct 11, 2006

Picturesque, but not too cluttered. A hookah on one wall, a giant sandal-shaped thing with turquoise beads on the other. Gentle amber upsidedown wineglass-type lights; soothing earth toned walls. The Alfanoose folks manage to pull off minimalist yet effective middle eastern decor.
At 12:05 there was already a 10 person line that turned out to be a 10 minute line as well; a bit on the slow side, but not freakout-i'm-leaving-and-never-coming-back slow. That's because there's only one cash register. I got the impression that they couldn't decide whether to be a restaurant with waiters or an order-and-sit-down deli, so they sort of did both in that it is far more atmospheric than a deli but doesn't have the timesaving factor of a 2nd or 3rd register.

I was originally going to order the falafel for the purpose of baselining this project but was swayed at the last minute by the idea of the foul mudammas sandwich and a spinach pie. How could that not be wonderful?

It turned out to be ok...not fantastic, just ok. Foul Mudammas has infinite potential; in this case, they opted for standard. Maybe a little too salty. The hot sauce was a bit too supermarket tabasco. The spinach pie was similarly ok. Decent, but so much more could have happened...
This could be a fun place to take a group (get there a little before 12), and if anyone gets a chance to compare their falafel sandwich with one of the falafel carts at Liberty Square, let me know how it goes; Alfanoose is unique in that it claims to have the very best falafel in all of manhattan.


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