Southern NYC Lunch Tour

Tuesday, January 23, 2007

Day 29
Cucina Bene
41 Exchange Pl.
Jan. 22, 2007

It lurks behind construction
weirdly lit, almost dingy
seats 20
No menu to let you know
Pizza is not their only business

They seemed puzzled by my request
for lentil soup
Chicken? no, lentil
Chicken? no, lentil
Here's the lentil soup
Here's the Chicken soup!
I would like the lentil
yes please

And the royal treatment began:
two rolls specially toasted in the pizza oven
a ketchup condiment container full of lemon juice
a cup of pureed spicy amazing lentil soup for 3 bucks

smiles, gratitude, warm winter soup cheer.
Cucina Bene turned out to be the gem in the construction forest.


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